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        About Us

        Building upon a bedrock commitment to total customer satisfaction, AET has steadily expanded since 1996 to serve an ever-growing network of loyal PCB customers around the world.

        We deliver the products you demand, at the prices you require, according to the service and social ideals we all deserve.

        Up to 24 layers boards on FR4 (48 layers prototypes), Teflon, Rogers, Aluminum and other materials with a wide choice of surface finish and technology options. Check our detailed capability here.

        We proudly manufacture up to 6 layers FPC with lines as thin as 75um (3 mils), with stiffeners if needed. See our detailed explanations here.

        Our capability in rigid-flex boards extends to 14 layers with lines as thin as 75um (3 mils), with micro vias and impedance control if needed. Check the details in here.

        • Advanced  Electronic  Technology HK Ltd.,

          Room 1610, 16/F., 118 Connaught Road West,

          Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

        • PHONE
          +852-3528 0460

        • EMAIL

        • SKYPE